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The Restaurant

Renowned as one of the best Italian restaurants in Orange County, Chef Alessandro offers delicious food at two locations on California's sunny coastline, each with engaging staff and modern Italian flavor. Enjoy a wide variety of wines and a full bar. Alessa's menu features authentic Italian dishes with his own variations including house-made pasta and charcuterie. His dining room is home to regular guests who come to enjoy a glass of wine, amazing food, and good conversation.

Meet the Chef

Born in Naples, Italy, Chef Alessandro Pirozzi was the youngest of four children and the only boy who grew up in a house full of girls,  a constant challenge but fortunately for him, whenever the girls were picking on little Alessandro, his grandmother, Nonna Ida, would rescue him and take him into the safety of her kitchen to help prepare dinner.

The kitchen became his sanctuary. He fell in love with the different aromas, the flavors and learning the traditional techniques of preparing fresh homemade pasta. It was here that he learned the many secret family recipes and began his journey to become a Certified Italian Chef.

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Meet Chef Alessandro Pirozzi, owner of Alessa

The early days: Chef Alessandro catering with his mom.

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Available for Takeout & Delivery

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